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Dear Traveler,

AHI Travel is our family's company. Founded by our father and stepmother in 1962, we now run the business. Growing up, travel was as prominent in our home as the furniture, so we understand what it takes to create truly wonderful, well-conceived trips that thrill travelers. As we approach our 50th anniversary, there are a few things that stand out to me as crucial for ensuring magical trips - things you should consider as you weigh your travel options.

First, our aim is to please you, period. AHI Travel was the first company to develop travel programs for university and college alumni associations. In fact, our client list reads like a Who's Who of these organizations and others, like fine museums and professional groups. By consistently meeting their high expectations, we also meet those of their members - the most educated, cultured and experienced international travelers in North America - people like you. Many clients have been so pleased with our programs that they boast taking 15, 20, even 30 trips with us!

Our programs are designed to fulfill all the reasons you travel - encounters with the life, people, history, art, architecture, food, wine and culture of a region. Our trips delight the mind and the senses and satisfy your appetite for knowledge through continued learning. One reason they leave our travelers feeling both exhilarated and relaxed is our exceptional staff, many of whom have been with us for decades. Our local experts and knowledgeable guides bring a destination to life. Our highly experienced travel directors offer expert care and guidance and attend to every detail. And from the moment you book your trip, you receive personal service from an assigned representative, not the next person taking a call at an 800-number.

We know you have qualms about group travel. Who else will be on the trip? Will I like them? With AHI, you explore in the camaraderie of travelers with interests similar to yours. Over and over again, we have seen travelers on AHI programs share a tear over a beautiful view, become friends and pen pals, and even take future trips together. Our expertly planned itineraries balance the benefits of group travel, allowing you to fully experience a destination on included excursions, with leisure time and flexibility to explore on your own - because everyone needs time to themselves.

Best of all, you will not find a better travel value. Frankly, if you tried to book a similar trip on your own, you would spend dozens of hours at it and probably still not secure as smooth an itinerary with preferred access to destinations' most famous sights, visits with locals in their homes, other rare opportunities to experience a region and the rates we obtain through our resources and deep relationships with partners around the world.

We invite you to join us on one of our journeys and discover for yourself our special care and exceptional service. Don't miss this chance to write a new chapter in the great book of life.


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